Sunteck Aluminium & Trading


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Folding Door

Smooth movement is achieved due to a bearing that glides seamlessly. A space-saving design with shatterproof glass.

Sliding Door

Provides a full range of motion with a maximum opening that will not hinder movement going in or out.

Suspended Folding/ Sliding Door

A folding design that saves space and has a luxurious pattern that will add to the serenity of your home.

Swing Door

An aluminium frame that strengthens the door’s durability with a secure locking system.

Frameless Glass Door

Reduces the need for artificial lighting and is easy to clean.

Grille Sliding Door

Allows for air movement between multiple treated spaces and promotes the security of the home. (Multiple designs available)

Narrow Frame Door / Sliding Door

A streamlined frame design that features economical spacing with consistent and smooth operations.

Bi-fold Door

Sturdy and silent rollers that are made entirely of rust-resistant and heat-resistant materials.

Louvres Door

Improves the quality of fresh indoor air by providing great ventilation that allows air to flow through.